AirPods EarFits: All You Need to Know


Generics EarFits might take a small ‘adaptation’ period to wear.  The arms follow your ears contours & these have rarely had anything touch or push against them,  they might initially be sensitive. With a few prolonged uses, your ears will get accustomed to the tactile stimuli & any tenderness, if felt, will disappear.


  1. The right & left eartips are labelled on pack

  2. The eartips are also labelled on the inside with an ‘R’  & ‘L’

  3. Match your custom eartip with its respective AirPod

  4. Insert matching AirPods (front first / where sound comes out) into the custom eartips

  5. Align all three holes with eartip to make sure you placed the EarFits correctly (two holes on one side & third semilunar hole on the outer side). Don’t be afraid to gently pull/ push eartips to align holes


  1. Remove silicone EarFits from your earbuds
  2. Gently wash with soap & water. Do not use alcohol to clean. 
  3. Leave out to dry or dry with a cotton cloth.  
  4. Wipe down your earbuds ahead of latching the EarFits back on.
  5. Repeat latching process described above.


  1. Insert tip side first into your ear
  2. Rest base on ear bottom & rotate backwards
  3.  Place arm under your ear’s top fold (anti-helix)
  4. Nudge earpiece for a snug fit