Develop Individually Customised Products for Better Performance

A startup based out of Beirut serving the world.  We are tackling poor fitting, uncomfortable earphones first. Generics makes custom eartips that retroactively fit your preferred earphones. Makes them more comfortable and less likely to fall out! We also offer a 'complete' premium, wired earphone solution for those looking for more customisation options and high audio quality.  

Our Microfactory is in the heart of Beirut Digital District; it’s where our 15-step process was created and tweaked over years of research & development and an estimated 50,000 man-hours. The people behind the magic, our engineers and artisans, use machines and materials that have either been re-purposed from other industries or created to serve our needs with one objective in mind, deliver great fitting, feeling, looking, custom eartips.

We Thrive for Meaningful Experiences

The Generics world embodies a long-term commitment to delivering products and experiences specifically fit for you. You engage in and play a prominent role in the development of your product. Starting with the App, your colour choices, your initials engraving, your ears shape & size. From there on, Generics live with you, fitting seamlessly into your life, your ears, stays put, feels comfortable and delivers great audio experiences.


We Celebrate Human Differences

You are unique, we all are. In a prevailing standardised world, economies of scale no longer cater for us all the time. A firm believer in the power of diversity, Generics champions uniqueness, in one dimension, by customising products to each one of us. A world shaped around you. Ergonomically designed to fit you.

We Endeavour to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We leverage technology to better manage our supply chain and finite global resources. We don't carry stocks of finished products. Our engineers & artisans produce your custom EarFits to order. We also want to setup a Microfactory near you, to serve you faster and dramatically reduce flying finished products the world over.